How Uber manages the on-demand booking of rides by its customers


By Admin on April 25, 2016 with 01 Commnets


In addition to the above, customers can select the time they want service to be rendered after they have got the type of vehicle they want to be serviced with.

So, it is the responsibility of the customer to indicate the time they want to be picked and the date. Beside this, the location of the passenger and the preferred destination must also be made known to Uber during the process of making the request.

Be that as it may, customers will only see the normal cost of the trip at the time they are making the request but every other cost will be sent to individual customer at least 30 minutes to the time the service will be rendered.

However, customers have the capacity to alter or cancel the service if they don’t have the capacity to meet up but this must be done not later than 30 minutes to the service. By this, Uber will be informed ahead of time and it will be able to direct its resources to another channel. The customer will also be informed about the imminent arrival of the cab and whether there would still be upsurge in the price or not.

However, any customer who goes ahead to cancel the service with no regard to the condition of service will pay the penalty fee for such action.

It should be noted that the driver does not have an extra gain when on-demand service is rendered. Drivers receive their normal wages like any other ride they give to customers. For the sake of convenience on the part of drivers, Uber often give the green light to the driver in the area where the on-demand service is to be rendered.

This is done so that the driver can beat every traffic and arrive as quick as possible to the place where the customer needs the service.